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Free Reading

Hi Erkuser, for all lovers Mystery of Life certainly likes Free Prediction,

This time Erkus provide Free Reading.

Free Reading Of course, only General Reading only.

Terms and Data in need:

You’ve aged a minimum of 17 + years. Below that age, I did not read it, because not old enough and mature. Below that age, if you really want it to ask for a special request, email to the topic Special Request.

Because a person can be more likely to succeed, it must be true in the preparation phase, and prepare the preparatory phase, to be serious, and may not general analysis only. Erkus logic : A better future, is not obtained in the year, but from far year preparation before.

Complete Original Name as ID (if you use a pseudonym, it could be, but the result will be reduced 20% predicted) Because when analyzed using the technique of analysis of the name as well.
Location of Birth
Date, Month, Year of Birth
Born hours, if not know exactly, stationery range of examples: the dawn around 1-4 in the morning, afternoon 3-5 pm, etc.
Recent Locations

Introduction of your habit, for example:
Last Profession
Last education
Single status / family
What is important for you?

Please Email your data with a full with topic Free Reading.

You will get a reply about 1 day – 2 weeks, depending on busyness, and the queues there.
Because Erkus, analysis, all typed manually, so it takes time. If you not got the reply email, you can request again 2 weeks later.
Some time may be email not received, or too busy.

Best wishes

ZWDS Unknown Version

ZWDS Unknown Version

Total Fee : request and Email :

Material include :
San He Pai
Si Hua Pai
Astronomical ZWDS
Monthly, Daily, Time
Learn find your real chart, use by micro Event.

Learn by your self, with 365 Day question & help tutor you using skype / BB Messenger or any other messenger. In one year, basicly you should be already understand, you can request pay 2550 $ to continue 1 years Mentoring.

If interested,
Don’t forget leave your DOB and birth time, birth location, last location at Comment post. Will check it, are you qualified to this course. Some people is not fate to learn this, so better not waste your money & times.

Good Luck.