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  • All letters found in words like have their own meanings in Astrology. Here is a list of all acronyms for these letters.
  • ERKUS (letter E)
  • People whose name is starting with E are dominated by the sun. They have a wide awake mind are enthusiastic and open to new things in life. However there are always times when one is distracted or indecisive. Letter E looks like a fork, so it’s about tackling things. Act and trust in the E. This character belongs to the earth, so you can be adjusted towards material stuff. But letter E is also about cosmic energies, the left side of the letter is the universe that symbolize 3 lead and three spheres of existence: platonic, emotional and spiritual levels. The E symbolizes the fire element.
  • ERKUS (letter R)
  • People who have a R in the name have a good visual imagination and great skills to empathize. R stands for distribution and mind. Moreover an R represents the element of fire. And the fire is well known matter change. This letter can sometimes make you moody. It brings extra energy to the earth and your etheric body.
  • ERKUS (letter K)
  • All those with a K are originals. You are open to new things, always looking for a job and like traveling. They love people and like working in professional teams. From time to time however they are depressed, predisposed or cumbersome. Letter K consists of 3 lines. Thus this letter also brings sacred energy into your life. The task of this person is to teach and to set priorities.
  • ERKUS (letter U)
  • If your name starts with the letter U then you are ruled by the planet sun. You are a recipient of cosmic energy. The U is a transformer of knowledge from the past and from the present. U is an energy concentrator. Therefore people with an U in their names bring new ideas to market and get people behind them. You can be blinded by the instantaneous success. On the other hand this letter brings ease and lightness that can be used to avert disasters.
  • ERKUS (letter S)
  • The letter S in the name rises motivation. S makes you seeks high artistic standards. Some who have an S in their name fall for self pity and continue fall down. When you view the southeast, you will see half a night. This letter transmits you to a new level of energy and brings light to your etheric body. It activates the Subconscious in your soul and makes you act.